Thursday, April 1, 2010

otak2 place

Located in One Utama, Otak-Otak Place is a cosy restaurant serving up a local delicacy. If you don’t already know, otak-otak is a type of fish cake made by mixing fish paste with spices, resembling brain matter, hence its name.
The menu is extensive; we were surprised to find burgers and meatballs that came withotak-otak. We started off with 5 sticks of otak-otak (RM5.50) wrapped in traditional pandan leaf. It tasted like processed meat and not the slightest bit spicy. For something different, we tried the Otak-Otak Meatballs (RM6.50). The batter has a heavy coconut taste that envelops the rather bland filling.
For main course, the Grilled Otak-Otak Burger (RM8.90) was our choice, coming with side dishes of baked beans, mixed vege and wedges. This dish is tasty! This time there’s a little more fishy and spicy flavour to the otak-otak. Sandwiched between buns, lettuce and tomato, that’s a well-balanced, healthy meal.


  1. woowww yummyyy*tgh lapar

    nak satuuuuuuu :P

  2. Nice one. Should try the irresistible foods there very soon.
    I ain't blog-walking. It just I ain't a constant blogger.